Online EMDR

with a Licensed EMDR Therapist.

With the increasing demand for access to mental health services and the alarming presence of trauma in our world, Online EMDR is a great opportunity to make EMDR therapy available globally.

Is online EMDR effective?

Online EMDR Therapy is the first choice for just about anyone who wants to work with the most studied and effective treatment in the world.

Online EMDR is the best choice in times of crisis, when unable to leave home because of physical conditions or safety measures, but also when it could just be difficult to find a trained therapist in your area.

Online EMDR Therapy. Panic, Anxiety, PTSD

Dr. Piera Briganti,
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Telemental Health Therapist
Member of EMDRIA – EMDR Italy – EMDR Spain

About Online EMDR

EMDR stands for ‘“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” and is an evidence -based psychotherapy originally developed in 1987 by Dr. Francine Shapiro, an American psychologist.

Since 1989, EMDR Therapy has been tested in different clinical populations: at first in PTSD and veterans, then for many other conditions such as anxiety, phobia, OCD, chronic pain, depression etc…

Today EMDR is used to effectively resolve any kind of emotional and psychological distress related to psychological trauma or distressing life experiences.

Online EMDR Therapy

EMDR Bilateral Stimulation Online


EMDR Therapy is used to effectively resolve any kind of emotional or psychological distress related to trauma or distressing life experiences.



Working Online with
EMDR Therapy
is effective
as in person.

EMDR Bilateral
stimulation online
is the best choice
in times of crisis.

EMDR Bilateral stimulation online

Only EMDRIA approved trained professionals can guarantee the official standards when providing EMDR, both online and in person.

Professional Standard of Care

Only trained therapists can guarantee the offical standards when providing EMDR Therapy, both online and in person.
As any other therapeutic approach, EMDR cannot be self administered.

EMDRIA (EMDR International Association) has stated specific guidelines for therapists to follow regarding online EMDR, as well as other EMDR official providers for Europe.

Pen, Journal and pc. EMDR Compliant.

HIPAA/GDPR compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  set the standard for sensitive patient data protection.

Professionals who provide treatment, payment, and operations in healthcare both in EU and internationally must meet HIPAA/GDPR Compliance.

Your confidentiality matters!

What People Say About Online EMDR


I tried EMDR with a virtual platform before, but it didn’t work for me. Working with a therapist is way better than just watching on a screen.

Before EMDR I had no idea it could exist such a transforming therapy. I feel blessed, everyone should know about it and do it.

I wanted to do EMDR but there wasn’t any therapist in my area, so I gave the online mode a try. Totally worth it. I worked on many traumas that I couldn’t cope with, and now I think of them just as any other memory. My therapist was great.

When I started working with Online EMDR I couldn’t leave home, I was so scared of something bad happening to me. It took months working with Piera, who was so kind and understanding, but I feel now that I’m safe. I started to live again. Thank you.

Dr. Piera Briganti | EMDR Therapist
Dr. Piera Briganti

Licensed psychotherapist

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