About Me

Piera Briganti

I am licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist.
I am a trained EMDR therapist and a member of EMDRIA.
I’m also a member of EMDR Spain and EMDR Italy.

I am a native Italian, trilingual therapist and I run a private practice, helping people in person and through Online EMDR.

Pen, Journal and pc. EMDR Compliant.

Why choose Online EMDR

Doing EMDR therapy online is just as effective as in person for many of the problems that I used to work with since I started seeing clients in therapy.
What really changes is the possibility to help people from every country on the planet, expanding its healing potencial.
I am grateful helping people struggling with emotional issues, adversities and trauma. Choosing Online EMDR they can access such a powerful therapy as EMDR from the comfort of their homes and still get the professional standard of care from a licensed professional.

It is amazing how EMDR allows a person to overcome really tough experiences in such an efficient and fast way!

I am a native Italian therapist, and my licensing allows for me to practice online internationally. I have been working and living in Spain for 5 years and that has  given me the chance to add another language to use in my practice.

This is why I work with Spanish, English and Italian speakers,  regardless of where they are located!

What People Says About Online EMDR.

I tried EMDR with a virtual platform before, but it didn't work for me. Working with a therapist is way better than just watching on a screen.


Safe, professional, human. EMDR online with a real therapist, not some random app on the internet. Totally worth the cost.


Before EMDR I had no idea it could exist such a transforming therapy. I feel blessed, everyone should know about it and do it.


I wanted to do EMDR but there wasn't any therapist in my area, so I gave the online mode a try. Totally worth it. I worked on many traumas that I couldn't cope with, and now I think of them just as any other memory. My therapist was great.


When I started working with Online EMDR I couldn't leave home, I was so scared of something bad happening to me. It took months working with Piera, who was so kind and understanding, but I feel now that I'm safe. I started to live again. Thank you.



Piera Briganti

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